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Meadowhall shopping centre is a very popular shopping complex in South Yorkshire.

It is 8th most popular shopping centre in united Kingdom and biggest in Yorkshire. Reportedly, it will be the 4th largest shopping complex in United Kingdom till 2021. It is located between two major towns, one is Rotherham, 2 miles away and other is Sheffield city which is 3 miles away. Find out more about the work we do in Sheffield by clicking here.

It is owned by government pension fund of Norway and British Land with equally partnership. It was opened on September 1990.

Approximately 30 millions customer visit in a year in this shopping centre. It is favorite shopping hub for the customers in month of December and January.

December 2005, it opened the apple store inside the shopping centre and it was 6th Apple store in United Kingdom. It opened store for sports accessories brand Puma’s 3rd shopping store in United Kingdom. It has only store of McCafé in whole Yorkshire. You could also visit the Shire Brook Valley Nature Reserve

It was badly ruined by flood in 2007 by Don river. Water level reached approximately 2 meters. After that incident, most of the shops didn’t open for 2 or 3 months while store was opened after 6 days. Meadowhall, after that installed a very safe flood gate to prevent the loss of floods in future. In 2015 Meadowhall shopping centre was celebrating it’s 25th anniversary and announced that they will invest 50 million euros in refurbishment of the shopping centre.

By the renovation of building some retailers could install a double height shop in front of the Meadowhall shopping centre. Meadowhall, approximately owns 280 stores. All of them are major high Street stores. It has world famous Oasis dining quarter. On it’s ground floor mostly fast food outlets are found, some of them are KFC, Shere Khan, pizza hut and McDonald’s. An 11 screen cinema named Vue is involved in Oasis dining quarter. It is the only shopping centre in United Kingdom which offers you a great transportation service. It’s name is Meadowhall interchange. You will get here bus, train or tram which helps you to reach your destination easily and conveniently.

The awards won by the Meadowhall shopping centre proves its popularity and quality. It has won 2 innovative awards in 2006 at ICSC awards, which was held in Chicago and two retail bonding programme awards in London at BCSC purple apple awards. It has always great offers to attract the customers. It has a great deal with environmental policies. It is the 1st shopping complex to create an on-site recycling facility. Meadowhall shopping centre reprocess 97% of it’s total waste from retailers and consumers. The conveyor belt system is used to separate the waste. I want tell you some interesting facts about Meadowhall: 1. Meadowhall offers 1 job on every 100 jobs in the Sheffield. 2. 18% of business rates is collected by Meadowhall in Sheffield city. Meadowhall shopping centre performs so many charity and social work in Sheffield city one of them is children’s hospice.

Meadowhall is the shopping complex which is designed for customer convenience as they can access, shop and enjoy easily. Everybody should visit Meadowhall shopping centre once in their life. They care for every single customer and they can do anything for the satisfaction of their customers.

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