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Learn more about the corporate responsibility efforts from Local SEO Group below.

Living Responsibly in a Modern World

As a forward thinking online marketing company, we’ve made it our mission to help improve the lives of all people, not just our clients. This includes employees, and society at large.

Our plan is to create economic, environmental, and social balance for our stakeholders and the planet as a whole, helping to shape every decision we make going forward.

Our Efforts

Cutting Out Paper

We have almost completely elimiated the paper usage in day to day operations, helping to vastly reduce the waste generated by our business operations.

This will be 100% phased out by the year 2023.

Digital Meetings

Instead of wasting fuel on in person meetings, we aim to make all key decisions via electronic communications.

This has vastly reduced the carbon footprint of the company, and prevented uneccessary fossil fuels being burnt for little value-added communications and transactions.

With the introductions of VR meeting rooms, we aim to reduce this even further by 2024.

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