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Types of SEO is a very broad search phrase.

Some people may want to know the different aspects of SEO (such as keyword research, on page optimisation, local SEO, etc).

While some people may want to know the “types of SEO companies or services”, such as white hat, black hat, etc.

And as the first page of Google for “types of SEO” contains both topics, and because user experience is a key part of ranking, we’re going to cover both below.

Shades of SEO (white hat, grey hat, black hat, etc)

The shades of SEO as we’re calling it, can be categorised into the following:

  • White hat SEO – aimed at seeming cleaner than clean. Following Google guidelines and public policies to the letter. However, the majority of proclaimed “white hat seo’s” do link building, which is against the Google guidelines here (making most white hats, actually nohats).
  • Black hat SEO – known to work directly against Google guidelines, and often push the limit of SEO resulting in websites being penalised.
  • No hat SEO – whatever works to rank a website in Google. Not neccesarily following the Google guidelines to the letter. No specific affinity to any group.

Types of SEO Tasks (keyword research, ecommerce, local, etc)

Here are various types of SEO, along with the details of each group:

  • Ecommerce SEO – ecommerce is for online shops. This usually involves dealing a lot with technical SEO problems, such as canonical tags, thin content, and
  • Local SEO – this involves ranking for location based keywords. This often includes Google Maps optimisation and citation creation.
  • On Page SEO – on page SEO stands for anything that edits the website content and technical backend.
  • Outreach SEO – outreach is the process of contacting site owners to acquire a link placement or general PR on their website.
  • Link Building – link building is the process of acquiring links on another website to your own website.
  • Keyword Research – keyword research involves researching the queries that your potential customers type into Google, and will often include a monthly volume and difficulty score.
  • – is structured data aiming to help Google to form an entity and knowledge graph about a topic or company.
  • Featured Snippet SEO – featured snippet SEO is the process of optimising pages for the featured snippet / position 0.
  • Off Page SEO – off page SEO refers to anything to do with SEO that isn’t directly on the main website url, including link building and citation creation.
  • Technical SEO – this involves the process of optimising what’s “under the hood” of the website, usually in the way Google crawls the site and the code that users don’t see.
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