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Learn more about the sustainability efforts by Local SEO Group below.

A Warming World

We can no longer take our pleasant environment for granted, with climate change caused by toxic C02 emissions having a large scale negative effect on the global ecosystem.

As a society, we must take urgent and consistent action to reduce our pollution and over-consumption, in order to make life on this planet sustainable for us and future generations.

Our Policies

  • Avoiding Plastics – in every area of our business, we commit to reducing plastic wherever possible, exchanging it for sustainable sources. This includes all areas of operation.
  • Reducing Commuting – wherever possible, as a digital business, we will allow employees to work from home, reducing the pollution caused by multiple commuters.
  • Third Party Research – we will commit to helping 3rd parties and organisations to push the climate change message out into the world, including free website creation, promotion and maintenance.
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