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Here are some more general points on how we report progress to clients.

Client Communications

Unless otherwise agreed, all communications of project progress will be done via email.

This includes details of website projects, SEO, PPC, and all other marketing services.

Monitoring Client Results

We monitor clients results who are currently paying for services only. If you are no longer paying us for SEO services, then we are no longer monitoring the ranking progress of your website.

If you are paying us for website hosting, then we are checking website downtime, but we are not monitoring the SEO progress or other marketing exposure of that website.

How do we monitor SEO results?

We monitor SEO results using Google Search Console, Pro Rank Tracker, Local Falcon, and Ahrefs.

These software services help us to provide a holistic picture of how the website is performing in search, including broad Organic, specific Maps, and specific Organic rankings.

How do we communicate SEO progress?

Our client reports are provided monthly via email, but we are monitoring specific website progress weekly.

Client reports include the tasks completed in the previous month, broad Organic exposure in Google Search Console, Google Maps exposure from Google My Business, specific organic rankings in Pro Rank Tracker, and specific maps rankings in Local Falcon.

We may also provide graphs to show broad level website progress.

In Person Meetings and Phone Calls

Unless otherwise stated in an agreement, all phone calls and in person meetings count as billable time. We reserve the right to refuse client meetings and phone calls if they have not been scheduled and agreed in advance.

As mentioned above, by default all client communications will be via email.

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