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Our 1 Goal = Increasing Your Revenue

How can we make you more money?

This goes into every decision we make.

Every service quote, every email, it’s our reason for being in business.

We provide SEO services to help your company make more money, by providing you more business through search engines such as Google.

This involves generating new customers, and helping current customers to find you more easily.

Cost Effective Services

Making you more money also means we don’t want you to overpay.

That’s why we’re committed to keeping overheads low, helping us to offer a really good price on all of our SEO services.

This means we work with external agencies and freelancers, to provide a full service without the overheads of large office space.

This also means we minimise the reporting of work to what you actually care about – the results.

Flexible Working Relationships – Adapting With You

We know that marketing budgets come and go, and you may want to remain flexible with what you invest in.

That’s why we will always aim to keep contract terms very short, or simply remove them completely, helping you adapt to what the market offers.

Our pre-pay model means you simply pay for the services you want, with no expectations of retaining services month-to-month.

However we’re sure the results you receive will massively outweigh your spend, and represent a good business relationship to help expand your company.

Our People

Learn more about the experts who work at Local SEO Group.

Matt Jackson

Matt Jackson is an SEO expert, providing a wealth of knowledge and a hunger for SEO rankings to every client project he’s involved in.

He has experience in Local, Ecommerce, and International SEO projects.

He has worked on many CMS, including Shopify, WordPress, Opencart, and Magento.

You can learn more about him on his website here.

matt jackson seo

Local Providers

We have relationships with a wide range of local website and other marketing providers, to help us offer excellent all around promotion opportunities to our SEO customers.

These range from Sheffield, Leeds, London, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Norwich, Newcastle, Lake District, Scotland, and more.

International Experts

We work with a range of 3rd parties who are experts in their field.

These include people from around the world, with years of experience in solving complexed digital marketing and website problems.

This helps us to provide a complete service, not relying on a limited local talent pool.

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If you’re a passionate digital marketer with experience in managing websites and writing content, then you could be the perfect fit!

Click here to learn more about jobs.

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