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Real Proof – The True Sign of a Professional Service

Because we’re a team of pure SEO’s we know how to get results, that consistently improve over time.

Unlike other agencies that rely on “client churn”, we focus on providing maximum value, so that we never lose a client, as we’re offering a good return on their investment.

Below are examples of our client’s SEO results, using Google Search Console (the proper tool to track clicks from Google).

Example 1: Upward Trending Traffic

The image above shows a traffic graph for a client who came to us in January 2018.

Within 1 year, we have TRIPLED their traffic from Google, now around 4,400 searches per month.

This has seriously improved their bottom line, and we can do the same for you.

Example 2: Audit Shows Real Results

60 clicks per day

We performed an SEO audit and long term SEO services for this company, helping them to establish themselves in the market within 1 year.

Example 3: New Website SEO

New website results

This website had SEO services for 6 months, and has managed to go from nothing to a reasonable amount of traffic in a very short space of time. This is directly improving their revenue.

Example 4: Established Website Serious Increases

Non branded traffic online business

This business previously relied heavily on PPC and branded traffic.

We managed to successfully implement a technical SEO audit and ongoing services, to help them achieve considerable organic success, which means they NO LONGER have to spend on Google PPC.

Example 5: SEO Services Lead To Authority In Space

Outdoor Website

This outdoor activity website gets 4,500 visitors per month, all from our organic SEO services.

It’s become one of the leading websites in the industry.

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