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The following are our general payment terms, however if you receive a separate agreement then this will supersede these terms.

Payment Deadlines

Unless otherwise stated, payment must be made in advance before any work will be completed on your website or digital marketing project.

If your accounting structure or other company policy prevents you paying on time, then we recommend that you schedule work and deadlines to account for the usual delay in payments.

Again, no work will be completed on your project until payment has been received, and we are not responsible for delays in deadlines due to missed payment deadlines.

Payments Forms

Payment will be in the form of bank transfer / international bank transfers. You will be provided payment details during your customer communications.

If any fees are incurred from you using a bank transfer service, then you should add these onto the total amount found on your invoice, to ensure the amount we receive exactly matches that on the invoice.

If the amount of money we receive is less than the expected value for the service, then we reserve the right to delay the implementation of your project until the full payment has been received.

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