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For Your Benefit and Ours

In order to keep our prices low, and spend the majority of time on actually achieving results for you, we’ve created the following “client code of conduct”, that you must agree to before you can work with us.

To work with us, you have to first accept the following rules:

1. Only 1 Client Per Industry & Location – No Exceptions

We don’t like competing with ourselves, and we don’t think it’s fair on you either.

If we already have a client offering your service in your location, then sorry we cannot work with you.

On the flip side, this means that your competitors will not be able to use our services as long as you remain a client.

No exceptions to this rule. Ever.

2. Reporting is Monthly, via Email, with Concise Summaries of What You Need To Know

Time is money, so reporting what has actually been done or discussing what will be done, is taking money away from the results you want in the first place.

Simply put, we are: less talk, more action.

Reports will include a 30 day summary of:

  1. The website rankings for your target keywords
  2. The clicks received from Google
  3. The rankings of your maps listing (if relevant)
  4. The exposure and leads your maps listing generated.
  5. Tasks completed during the month.
  6. *Any other important KPI’s agreed beforehand.

There are no “quick phone chats” about whether the colours on your website need to change, or “brainstorm meetings” where we talk boiler plate SEO as you nod along. Simple, monthly reports via email.

We offer bespoke services on a first come first served basis for business owners who want results.

3. Flexible Payments – The Choice Is Yours

We have 2 options for payment.

Either one-off payments based on a specification of work, or 6 month rolling contracts for ongoing services.

Payments must be made monthly in advance via bank transfer. No work is completed before payment is received.

One-off payments will usually be less cost effective than 6 month rolling service contracts, but it’s the price you pay for flexibility.

If you’ve read this far then congratulations, you’re the attention oriented client that we would like to work with, so make sure you don’t click the button at the bottom of this page, instead click the link text here (the word here is linked) to find out more about our services.

We’ll add another line to make it less obvious here, and include some generic jargon like Google, link building, SEO, on page optimisation, technical audits, life time value of customers, for all demographics.

Too Much? That’s Fine, We Don’t Mind

Some people like the extra hand holding, and that’s ok, we just aren’t a good fit for you.

However if you swear to abide by the 3 rules, then we may be able to work together.

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